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How it works

Follow these couple steps and you will have great success with the Barf Bib. Always make sure you monitor your pt while you are using the Barf Bib.

1. First open the Ziploc bag pull Barf Bib from bag and unfold completely.
2. Hold the Barf Bib from the front and shake the Barf bib once it inflates the bib.
3. With both hands pull the elastic neck hole as wide as you can and in one motion place patients head through the hole.
4. Now depending on the condition of the pt you can either leave the bib rolled up or simply fold it down so the pt doesn’t feel trapped.
5. We recommend you leave the bib on your pt all the way into the ER. In the event you have to remove the bibs simply cut straight up from the elastic neck hole and dispose in a red bio hazard bag.

Always remember if your patient is conscious explain to them what you are doing with the bib and the benefits of the bib. If your patient is unconscious make sure you continue to monitor them. Just because they have a Barf Bib on doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your job.  This is a great tool and can be used on a variety of patients. I encourage you to be creative on who you use the bib with. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Kevin Makinson at the Barf bib company.

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