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As a training officer in Fort Lauderdale I get to spend a great deal of my time out on the streets with our crews. The first day we introduced the Barf Bib to the units there was at first a chuckle. After that, the most common response was " What a great idea" and "Its about time someone came up with this". Our crews are using this Barf Bibs and appreciate the ease of use and the extra step to prevent exposures. Fort Lauderdale has been using the Barf Bibs on our units for close to a year now and they are a piece of equipment that no emergency response unit should be without.

John J. Heiser IV
Fort Lauderdale Fire Department
Training and Special Operations Bureau

So far the crews love them. I would like a different color if possible. They are easy to use and the ER was impressed with the bibs.
We shall continue to purchase them.

Timothy C. Heiser - Battalion Chief
Emergency Medical Services Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue
Your BarfBib is excellent. I've given a sample to the head of our provincial ambulance service. I have also shown a sample to listeners at several different lectures. I usually ask them "to guess what this is used for", before I tell them. Very nice product. I hope you get some orders from Turkey!

John Fowler, MD, DABEM
Inzmir, Turkey
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The barf bib enables me to perform other paramedic skills such as starting I.V.'sand giving medication, instead of holding an emesis basin in front of a patient during the entire transport. The barf bib decreases the risk of exposure to field crews and hospital staff which cuts down on the employer's costs of workman's compensation. Barf bib is by far the best innovative product I have seen in my 11years in this field.

Nick Price
Paramedic Rural Metro San Diego SDMSE

I have always hated it when patients are vomiting in my rig it is always a hassle to have to hold the basin for them and then try to also take care of them (i.e. start IV's, give medications or even take updated blood pressures), until I came across the Barf Bib, what an amazing invention. I have been working as a paramedic for 2 years, but have been in the EMS field for 6 years and this is a great tool for EMS to have. It is the best of both worlds. I am able to put a BarfBibon my patient still monitor their airway, start IV's, give medications, take blood pressure, and it minimizes my risk for exposure. The Barf Bib contains bodily fluids well and it has a shield so if there is any projectile vomiting it will not go every where. The Barf Bib is like having an extrapair of hands in the back of the rig and it makes my job as a paramedic that much easier

Tawnie Ward
Paramedic Rural Metro/ San Diego SDMSE

The love the barf bib. It's easy for anybody on my crew to use without special training. This allows me to have my hands free to perform ALS treatment and keeps myself and my crew safe from biohazardous material.

Marc Alnwick
Paramedic/FTO Rural Metro/SDMSE


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