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The Barf Bib 08(BB08) was designed out of real need. The need was to reduce the exposure to a persons bodily fluids while riding in the back of a moving ambulance . After a 3 month trial period The Barf Bib Company received significant positive feed back from police, first responders, and the general public that we decided to offer the BB08 to everyone. The BB08 offers complete protection for the conscious and unconscious patient. The BB08 has many features that make it a safe, fail resistant, and a practical way to go. Your protection is no joking matter.

• Tear resistant polypropylene outer shell, combative patient can't tear bib off

• Polyurethane inner liner provides a leak resistant barrier as well as trapping odors in

• Elastic neck opening provides a quick, secure and comfortable fit for the patient

• Flip up splash guard for unresponsive patients with added protection from projectile vomiting

• Easy open package for quick deployment of BB08

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